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On or about May 1, 2020, the Town of Clinton submitted a Statement of Interest to the MSBA for the Clinton Middle School. The MSBA is an independent public authority that administers and funds a program for grants to eligible cities, towns, and regional school districts for school construction and renovation projects. The MSBA’s grant program is discretionary, and no city, town, or regional school district has any entitlement to any funds from the MSBA. At the March 2, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, the MSBA voted to issue an invitation to the Town of Clinton to conduct a feasibility study for this Statement of Interest to identify and study possible solutions and, through a collaborative process with the MSBA, reach a mutually-agreed upon solution. The MSBA has not approved a Project and the results of this feasibility study may or may not result in an approved Project. 
Clinton Middle School currently has a grade 5-8 configuration. As a result of a collaborative analysis  with the MSBA of enrollment projections and space capacity needs for the Clinton Middle School, the Town of Clinton acknowledges and agrees that the design of alternatives, which may be evaluated as a part of the feasibility study for the Clinton Middle School, shall be based in accordance with the following:   

  • Enrollment for Grades 4-8, in one school facility: 700 students  

  • Enrollment for Grades 5-8, in one school facility: 550 students 



Module 4: Schematic Design

Based upon the completed Feasibility Study and the steps outlined in Module 3 – Feasibility Study, the District and its team, in collaboration with the MSBA, develop a robust schematic design of sufficient detail to establish the scope, budget and schedule for the Proposed Project. The MSBA generates a Project Scope and Budget Agreement that documents the project scope, budget, schedule and MSBA financial participation to forward to the MSBA Board of Directors for their consideration. Approval by the MSBA Board of Directors is required for all projects in order for the MSBA to enter into a Project Scope and Budget Agreement and a Project Funding Agreement with the District. Refer to Module – 5 Funding the Project for additional information.

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